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What are some creative ideas on how to use locks in an Escape Room? Even as Escape Rooms become more technologically advanced the tried and true lock will likely always have a place. Sure the old numeric/alpha combination may present itself in a more "futuristic" manner, but at the core an X digit lock is still an X digit lock. How Escape Rooms present the code/solution/combination/what have you to such locks can go alone way in differentiating a good Escape Room from a great Escape Room. Below I will go over a few ways to use props and puzzles to add an...

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It is important to understand each of the items in your Escape Room to ensure you can utilize their full potential. With this in mind I have created an instructional series to help familiarize yourself with our Cipher Wheels and Encryption Machines. The Pig Pen Cipher is significantly easier to understand and use than some of our more secure encryption machines (think Enigma II). All you need to start writing coded messages are the images below:   You will want the above image somewhere in your Escape Room. With this players can start figuring out what the different symbols mean....

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Believe it or not sign language can be an effective way of communicating a numeric code, clue, or short message in your Escape Room. Sign language by definition is a visual form of communication. Some of the more intricate and complication hand movements/gestures do not translate well to medium such as engraved wood, but the basic alphabet and digits 0-9 certainly do. Each letter of the alphabet and single digit can be expressed by a single hand. Letters Z and J involve movement, but this is easily conveyed via arrows indicating the motion involved. See the image below to see how...

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For this edition of our "How To" series we are going to tackle Morse Code and show an example of how to use it in your Escape Room. Be sure to check out our other Secret Message ideas to enhance the experience of your escape room players. Don't miss our selection of puzzles, key mazes, ciphers, and more! For a quick synopsis of just what morse code is check out this snippet from the morse code Wiki (or just skip on down a few paragraphs if you are only interested in learning how to read a morse code message): "Morse...

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