Custom Escape Room Props & Puzzles

We are able to customize almost every escape room puzzle and prop in addition to adding personalized engraving to our wood brain teaser puzzles.

We understand each Escape Room is unique. From different themes to puzzles what fits in one Escape Room may not fit in another. With this in mind we are able to customize almost every item we offer and supply the highest quality engraving service.

Most items will have a drop down box with an option to add engraving. Those which do not generally require additional communication. You can contact us here. Depending upon the item more in depth options for customization will be available.

Please understand it takes time to interpret and accurately apply your design ideas. Complex designs and long strings of text also take considerably more time to laser. As a result additional costs may be associated with certain custom orders. If this is the case we will contact you to both ensure your vision is accurately translated to the item and determine the associated cost. 

We have been working with laser machines for over a decade and take great pride in our custom services. E-mail  or Call 352-777-1069 (Phil) and let's get started on creating the unique Escape Room experience you have always wanted.

In addition our lobby puzzles can be a fantastic marketing/promotional tool. Your logo, business information, etc... can be engraved to help get the word out about your escape room.

-Phil Janelle

Creative Escape Rooms

Hudson, FL