Brain Teaser Puzzles for Adults

Shop the best brain teaser puzzles for adults here at Creative Escape Rooms. 

We have a great selection of mechanical puzzles, puzzle boxes, and math brain teasers in addition to some of the most difficult puzzles available.


Safecracker 50 Wood Puzzle - Difficult Math Brain Teaser for Adults
This is a 2 tone version of our Safecracker 50 Math Puzzle that alternates maple and cherry for the...
The Cannonball Pyramid is an extremely difficult puzzle for adults This is a level 5 (out 5) brain...
The Ramube Octahedron will keep even the most experienced puzzler occupied. This wood puzzle consists of 8 complex...
Penny Drop Game - One of the Best Family Games
$ 25.95$ 24.95
Penny Drop is simple, Penny Drop is fun, if you haven't played the game Penny Drop yet you...
Commonly referred to as the "Spin Box", The Stash Box is an extremely clever lock box and a...
Calibron 12 Wood Puzzle - A Difficult Puzzle for Engineers
$ 36.00$ 34.00
The Calibron 12 is one of the hardest wood brain teaser puzzles and great for engineers. Out of all...
Martin's Menace is one of the most difficult puzzles around no matter your experience level or age Seriously,...
Asian themed with gorgeous artwork engraved the sides this puzzle box will be an amazing addition to your...
$ 25.95 $ 24.95
$ 49.00
$ 36.00 $ 34.00
$ 13.95 $ 14.95