Brain Teaser and Puzzle Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for your favorite puzzle loving friend, family member, or coworker.

Trying to figure out which puzzles will make the best gift for a friend or family member? Why...
Cash Out is the Perfect Puzzle box for Gift Cards and Money A clever and fun way to...
Century Cube Puzzle - One of Our Most Difficult Brain Teasers
The Century Cube is an incredibly difficult puzzle for adults and teens alike. If you are looking for...
The 10 Penny Puzzle is a wonderful coffee table puzzle and conversation starter.   The goal of the puzzle is...
Penny Drop Game - One of the Best Family Games
$ 25.95$ 24.95
Penny Drop is simple, Penny Drop is fun, if you haven't played the game Penny Drop yet you...
Commonly referred to as the "Spin Box", The Stash Box is an extremely clever lock box and a...
The Impossible Small Cube No Fit Puzzle
$ 16.95$ 13.95
The No Fit Puzzle is an interesting brain teaser originally designed by the famous Dutch puzzle designer Niek Neuwahl...
The Snake Puzzle is perfect brain teaser for teenagers who enjoy a challenge. This puzzle has a Rubik's Cube...
$ 10.00
$ 19.95
$ 25.95 $ 24.95
$ 49.00
$ 16.95 $ 13.95