Coffee Table Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Shop our collection of wood puzzles and brain teasers perfect to leave out on the coffee table or other common area.

The 10 Penny Puzzle is a wonderful coffee table puzzle and conversation starter.   The goal of the puzzle is...
Safecracker 40 - Math Brainteaser Puzzle for Teenagers
$ 23.95$ 22.95
Safecracker 40 is wonderful puzzle which combines mathematics and logic. This is a one piece puzzle sure to keep Escape...
A clever puzzle which will supply a ton of entertainment to Escape Rooms players in the waiting room....
The Impossible Small Cube No Fit Puzzle
$ 16.95$ 13.95
The No Fit Puzzle is an interesting brain teaser originally designed by the famous Dutch puzzle designer Niek Neuwahl...
Commonly referred to as the "Spin Box", The Stash Box is an extremely clever lock box and a...
A classic sliding puzzle where object is to move the Goat back into the cage. A fun item...
Safecracker 50 Wood Puzzle - Difficult Math Brain Teaser for Adults
This is a 2 tone version of our Safecracker 50 Math Puzzle that alternates maple and cherry for the...
Math Lovers - 3 Wood Brain Teaser Puzzle Holiday Gift Set
Calling all math puzzle lovers do we have the best gift set for you! Take the stress out...
$ 23.95 $ 22.95
$ 16.95 $ 13.95
$ 49.00
$ 69.99