Escape Room Puzzles and Props

We have a unique selection of escape room puzzles and props you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Over the years we have created a diverse line up of puzzles and props for escape rooms all which do not require any technical knowledge, electricity, or batteries.

While the big set pieces certainly provide a wow factor and are an important piece of the overall experience they do have drawbacks. The technical components can fail, internet/bluetooth signals can drop, and generally carry an extremely high price tag.

I have found the tactile nature of our escape room puzzles is near universally loved by room escape game players around the world. There is a certain sense of accomplishment from physically solving a puzzle and having the ability to hold the result.

In additional to traditional brick and mortar escape rooms our puzzles and props are uniquely suited for a variety of non traditional room escape game experiences such as: 

  • Mobile
  • Pop Up
  • Classroom
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building Exercises.

We also ship our escape room puzzles internationally around the world.

If you have any questions or would like to customize one of our escape room puzzles with different symbols, codes, images, or text please contact me.

A clever puzzle for your Escape Room specifically designed to work in conjunction with Directional Locks. With this...
The perfect puzzle for those looking to add a custom challenge to their escape room.  Four, Four letter words...
Directional Locks can make for a fun addition to escape rooms, but how do you clue players in...
$ 209.00
Our Acrylic Key Maze makes for an ideal escape room puzzle. In order to free the key from the...
A classic Grille Cipher laser cut from acrylic ideal for the Escape Rooms Experience. Grille Ciphers employ revealing...
You have to Spin to Win with our new Spin Maze Escape Room Puzzle. This is a wall...
Unique Puzzle Which Will Reveal Combination of a Directional Lock in Your Escape The Room Experience. This version of...
$ 99.00
Another creative and interactive puzzle maze which will relay a clue to Escape Room Players. The players in your...
$ 90.00
$ 24.50
$ 150.00
$ 209.00
$ 49.95
$ 175.00
$ 106.95
$ 99.00