Puzzles and Brain Teasers for Teens

Shop a curated collection of wood puzzles and brain teasers created for teenagers.

These brainteasers are perfect for kids and young adults between ages 13-18

Commonly referred to as the "Spin Box", The Stash Box is an extremely clever lock box and a...
The 10 Penny Puzzle is a wonderful coffee table puzzle and conversation starter.   The goal of the puzzle is...
Penny Drop Game - One of the Best Family Games
$ 29.95$ 27.95
Penny Drop is simple, Penny Drop is fun, if you haven't played the game Penny Drop yet you...
Safecracker 40 - Math Brainteaser Puzzle for Teenagers
$ 23.95$ 22.95
Safecracker 40 is wonderful puzzle which combines mathematics and logic. This is a one piece puzzle sure to keep Escape...
Apothecary Chest - Difficult Wood Puzzle Gift For Adults
$ 24.95$ 23.00
A unique and difficult wood puzzle for adults. The Apothecary Chest is a wonderful puzzle sure to test...
The Snake Puzzle is perfect brain teaser for teenagers who enjoy a challenge. This puzzle has a Rubik's Cube...
$ 14.00
Tangram style brain teasers are among the most versatile wood puzzles and have been around for generations.  This...
A nine piece puzzle which represents every way that three rhombic blocks can be joined. There are 14...
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$ 24.95 $ 23.00