How to Use/Read the Pig Pen Cipher in Escape Rooms

It is important to understand each of the puzzles and props in your escape room to ensure you can utilize their full potential. With this in mind I have created an instructional series to help familiarize yourself with our Cipher Wheels and Encryption Machines to better incorporate them in your room escape game.

The Pig Pen Cipher is significantly easier to understand and use than some of our more secure encryption machines (think Enigma II). All you need to start writing coded messages are the images below:

Pig Pen Cipher chart


You will want the above image somewhere in your Escape Room. With this players can start figuring out what the different symbols mean.

Pig Pen Cipher Letters and Symbols Picture

Now you can try encoding and decoding messages of your own! Just think of how many ways this can be used in an Escape Room. To make things even easier I have created a Pig Pen Secret Message Panel. With this you can create your own messages of up to 44 characters.


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