My 5 Favorite Escape Room Puzzles

With so many choices out there when it comes to finding the best escape room puzzle or prop finding the perfect fit can be difficult. With that in mind I decided to pick out my 5 favorite puzzles and props for escape rooms. 

1. Mirror Maze Escape Room Puzzle

Mirror Magnet Maze Puzzle for Escape Rooms Prop

This escape room prop requires multiple people in order to solve the maze. Ideally this would go in a wall dividing two rooms. It can also be installed in partition or table.

In order to solve this prop one player will have a magnet but on the mirrored side. On the other side is a player who will serve as the navigator. By listening and following the directions given the player with the magnet will be able to navigate the mass and free the piece from the maze. On the bottom of the piece is engraved a code, word, message, symbols, or image. It is a lot of fun and hilarious watching people try to solve this escape room maze.

1. The Opticum

This escape room prop is just flat out awesome. Words just do not do the effect justice so just watch the clip below.


3. The Hurricane Puzzle Box

solid wood puzzle box spin box prop for escape rooms

This is both a new puzzle box and an old one at the same time. What we did on this one is improve upon a previous favorite of mine, The Stash Box (or Spin Box as it is commonly called). The genius (and fun) of this escape room prop is the simplicity of the solution. All you have to do is spin the box and lift the lid. That's it.

With that said, who in the hell ever thinks to spin a locked box in order to open it? Damn near no one that is who. You can be really creative with how you clue in players on the secret. This puzzle box will be one of the most memorable elements of your escape room.

As you can see from the image the boxes are heavily detailed with laser engraved images. We can do custom images on the box as well and it is also available plain with no engraving.

4.The Gated Key Maze

escape room key maze prop

Key Mazes are fun and perfectly suited to escape rooms. People just enjoy solving mazes, especially when there is a tangible reward at the end of them. In this case, a key! Our Gated Key Maze takes that idea and turns it into a multi step escape room prop. There are two gates which require a key to open. Each gate needs a different key. 

Before players in your escape room can solve the key maze they must first find the gate keys and free up the path. Just think of all the ways you can implement this multi step prop in to your escape room.

5. Hide and Seek Cipher 

hide and seek wood cipher heel prop for escape rooms

Cipher Wheels are a great way to communicate a message, phrase, or clue to players in a way that is both fun and engaging. The Hide and Seek Cipher turns the traditional cipher into, well, a games of hide and seek. The two wheels of the escape room prop can be separated. This allows you to hide one wheel which players must locate both wheels of the cipher before they can begin deciphering the encrypted message.

Any of our Cipher Wheels can be made in the Hide and Seek style. All you have to do is Contact Me.

There you have it. Five of my favorite escape room puzzles and props. What escape room puzzle or prop do you like the best?


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