Start Creating Your Christmas Escape Room Today

If you have the available space creating a Christmas/Holiday themed escape room can be a fantastic way to increase revenue.

If you do not have a room ready to be replaced at your location consider creating a pop up game in a mall or even a mobile escape room experience.

Families are always looking for something to do around the Holidays.

Everyone is gathered together and you can only watch the Christmas Story so many times while sipping a refreshing glass off egg nog before you need to get out of the house.


Escape rooms provide a unique experience not offered by a more traditional family out like going to the movies.

Families can spend time together actually interacting while not staring at screen. They can physically interact an be social.

Staring at a movie or cell phone screen simply does not offer the same bonding experience as working as a unit and solving a puzzle.

Below is a selection of our escape room props and escape room puzzles which have been customized for the Christmas season.

Please contact me if you would like to customize any of these or other puzzles you find on the site with different images or codes.

The Holiday season is fast approaching so get started now on creating the perfect Holiday escape room experience.


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