Five Reasons to Try an Escape Room

My personal top 5 best reasons to try an escape room.

You might be asking yourself "Should I try and Escape Room?" To those who have yet to do an escape room taking the plunge and doing your first room escape game can be an intimidating experience.


Maybe you don't feel you will be able to solve the puzzles or think the idea does not seem appealing, but don't let that keep you from a new experience! Escape Rooms are fun.

Go with some friends as an alternative to the movies.

Go with family over the holidays or during visits to see just how smart that genius sibling really is.

Go with coworkers as a team building event.

No matter the reason you will be happy you gave escape rooms a shot.

Below are the top 5 reasons why I go to escape rooms. 

The Unknown

Entering a new escape room for the first time is a unique experience. Sure you might recognize a specific puzzle or how something is set up, but the room(s) as a whole are new.

Each escape room is a world unto itself created by the individuals who worked their asses off to bring it to life.

The Creativity of Everyone Involved

The ingenuity of escape room owners and game designers is astounding. Who else could turn you average room into an hour long piece of entertainment. Not only that, but one you will happily fork over some cash for!

The use of puzzles, props, set décor, and in some case live actors really show off just how creative people can be.

The Teamwork

Going in to a game with friends, family, or even strangers can lead to some pretty interesting results.

For example: it turns out my wife is really good at being able to identify clues and properly apply them to various aspects of an escape room. Here I am designing puzzles and she makes me look clueless every time. It is fun working with her as we progress through a series of puzzles.

Escape Rooms also force you to work together in non traditional ways. How many times are you really going to be trying to decode a cipher or figure out what sequence these buttons need to be pushed in order to diffuse a bomb? 

The "AHA! Moment"

This is definitely my favorite. When you have been struggling over a specific puzzle or task and all of a sudden it just clicks. You notice something in a picture or the way books are aligned on a shelf that just triggers something in you or a teammates head leading to the solution.

There is a very real feeling of accomplishment in that moment few other entertainment option can replicate.

The Overall Experience

When you really boil it down escape rooms are just fun. Every room has its own unique flavor so to speak for you to experience and enjoy. If you have yet try one book one today! A simple Google search of "Escape Rooms Near Me" will get you started.

For those of you have done a room or two or hundred what are your favorites aspects of escape rooms? If you would like to talk more about escape rooms please feel free to contact me.


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  • Levi Armstrong On

    I like that you said that escape rooms are a great way for friends and family to bond to enjoy a unique experience that will make them have to work together. Some of my cousins are coming over this summer to spend the holidays in our beach house. Perhaps my siblings and I should go to an escape room with them so we can have together. Thanks for the idea!

  • Taylor Hansen On

    I’m glad you talked about how escape rooms force a group to work together and rely on each other. My friends and I are thinking about doing an escape room this weekend for a group date. We’ll have to find one that has a lot of options while also being really fun at the same time.

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