Puzzle Synergy Sets for Escape Rooms

A selection of Puzzles and Props which will work together in your Escape Room. 

Puzzles flow is an important part of an escape room. 

A feeling of cohesion should exist as players progress through the game. A disjointed experience will draw players out of the game and lessen their feeling of enjoyment. 

The collections shown below can be easily incorporated to an existing or new puzzle flow. 

If you would like any of the puzzles and props customized please contact me.


5 Minute Escape Room Puzzle Package
$ 799.93$ 770.00
Provide a unique and entertaining 5 Minute Escape Room Experience with our Five Minute Escape Room Package.  ...
This Egyptian Themed Synergy Set for Escape Rooms combines Pharaoh's Cipher Wheel and A Custom Panel used to...
This Escape Room Synergy Set features the Alberti Cipher Disk and Standard Size Magic Box Puzzle Box.  In order...
A unique collection of Escape Room Puzzle and Props which implement Braille. Included in this Escape Room Synergy...
Egyptian Escape Room Puzzle Package
$ 343.95$ 330.00
For Escape Room owners looking for an interactive and entertaining idea for an Egyptian Themed Escape Room this...
This Escape Room Synergy Set features the Confederat e Army CIpher and Standard Size Magic Box.  As with our other...
This Synergy Set for Escape Rooms combines the Sign Language Cipher Wheel and a smaller version of the...
Does your Escape Room need a fresh supply of secret message props / puzzles? If so this is...
$ 799.93 $ 770.00
$ 65.00
$ 343.95 $ 330.00
$ 70.00