Santa's Christmas Themed Escape Room Puzzle Package

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A Collection of Christmas Themed Puzzles which can be implemented in a variety of ways.

Santa's Puzzle Package is large and contains a selection of puzzles which can be utilized in just about any escape room. 

Below is a list with links to each puzzle where you can learn more about each of them. These can of course be purchased separately; however, you will save $50.00 through this package deal.

Included Puzzles:

  1. Christmas Grille Cipher
  2. Christmas Mag Lock Box
  3. Christmas Cipher Wheel
  4. Christmas Key Maze
  5. Christmas Holey Moley

Please note that the Grille Cipher, Mag Lock Box, and Holey Moley can have their respective codes customized. IF you want any of them customized (or all of them) be sure to select the appropriate choice from the dropdown menu before adding to cart. E-mail the custom codes to IF you DO NOT select the customization option you will be given puzzles with a standard code.