Sign Language Panel And Secret Lock Box II Escape Room Synergy Set

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A unique addition to our Synergy Set Series in of Escape Room Props this combination features the Sign Language Panel Maple Model and Secret Lock Box II Cherry Model.

IMPORTANT: If you want a custom combination for the Puzzle Box to match a specific combination on the Secret Language Panel please make the appropriate selection from the dropdown menu. The combination must then be entered in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER" box using the digits 1-9 on the checkout page (Example: 3-9-6).IF you do not select a custom combination we will use a random combination and create a Sign Language Panel to match.

The Sign Language Panel can be used in a variety of ways. It can convey a word, short message, or in the case of this Synergy Set, a numeric code. While the 0-5 are pretty dead giveaways as to what the finger configurations mean, 6-9 will leave escape room participants scratching their heads. Because of this I suggest making a custom code where at least two of the three digits involve 6-9.

This synchronizes well with the Secret Lock Box II because the three dials on top of the box have 12 notches. Each notch can be interpreted as the numbers 1-12. For the purposes of this puzzle box we will only be working with the numbers 1-9 which leaves 10-12 to function as red herrings or dummy possibilities. 

For additional information on customizing your Escape Room and this item please visit our Custom Work Page.

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