Buy the Perfect Key Maze for Your Escape Room Today!

We have a unique and diverse offering of Key Mazes which will help enhance your Escape Room experience.

Our Escape Room Key Mazes come in different shapes, materials, and sizes. We can even laser engrave a custom image on to our Round Key Maze. Most of our mazes also feature a quick reset system reducing the time needed to get your escape room ready for the next group

We also have selection of Round Key Mazes. These are all cut on our CNC machines and are quite rugged. These do not have a quick reset, but it will not take long at all once the path is memorized. The solution is included to help the game master when resetting the room.

black escape room key mazeescape room key maze propkey maze for escape rooms

Our Round maze also comes in a Gated Version. This Key Maze is really cool. There are two gates which impede the players ability to progress through the maze unless opened with a key. This really elevates the Key Maze and integrates it into your escape room.

key maze puzzle for escape rooms

We can also customize the Round Key Maze by laser engraving an image on it. Below is an example featuring an Eye of Horus.

custom escape room key maze for egyptian themed rooms

Our Largest Maze, the Key Maze III, is also cut on our CNC Machines.

escape room key mazes


The Key Maze II also comes in an Acrylic Version which is more durable. This version can be customized with different color acrylic. You can have it blend right in with the aesthetic of your escape room.

escape room prop

We also have a smaller version of the Acrylic Key Maze, The Key Maze Jr. This key maze does not incorporate a quick reset system. However, it will only take seconds to reset with the path memorized.

smaller escape room key maze puzzle


Our entry level Key Maze is the Key Maze II which is constructed from three layers of plywood. 

Key Maze for Escape Rooms Prop

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