Using Directional Locks in Escape Rooms

Directional Locks are a popular Escape Room addition, but it can be difficult figuring out just how to use them.

Cluing in Escape Room players on the proper directional sequence in an engaging and entertaining manner can prove a challenge in and of itself. To make Directional Locks more interactive and a fun part of the Escape Room experience why not incorporate a puzzle?

Below is our selection of Directional Lock Puzzles. Each of these can be customized to reflect your desired combination. For the Acrylic options there are multiple color options available for the base (where the numbers are) and top frame. All of the available colors are listed on each puzzle's page

Directional Lock Puzzle Series:

Directional Lock             Directional Lock II          Acrylic Directional Lock
     - $85.00                            - $90.00                            - $100.00
Directional Lock for Escape Rooms
        Grille Cipher                 Grille Cipher                   Holey Moley
           -$40.95                          -$49.95                          -$119.00
               Compass Style                                  Compass Style
                    -$150.00                                            -$110.00


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