Five Spy and Detective Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Have a birthday for your son or daughter coming up and not sure what to do? If so, you are in luck!

Check out the 5 ideas below to incorporate into your spy and detective themed birthday party.


1. Secret Decoder Ring:

The Secret Decoder Wheel will allow you to create encrypted messages for the kids to decode. They are very easy to use so do not worry about it being to complicated for kids.

You can use the decoder wheel as a guide of sorts throughout the birthday party event. The kids can find clues throughout the experience which all require the decoder wheel in order to be translated.

2. Stash Box Wood Puzzle Box:

Who doesn't love puzzle boxes? The Stash Box just happens to be a personal favorite.

In order to open the box you must first spin it to release the pins locking the lid in place.

Once spun you will be able to easily lift the lid and retrieve the contents once locked inside.

You can hide an important clue or piece of the birthday party's narrative inside the lock box for the kids to discover.

3. Detective's Spy Glass Cipher:

This functions in the same way as the Secret Decoder Ring, but with a different presentation. Instead of the traditional circular design of cipher wheels,

The Detective Spy Glass Cipher take on the shape of... you guessed it, a magnifying glass!

4. Slide Box:

This is a fun wood box which will fir just about any time of lock such as numeric, combination, alpha, directional, and the standard key lock.

There is enough space inside the box to fit a small item or a paper clue/message.

You could have the encoded cipher message to the Detective's Spy Glass Cipher locked away on the box for your kids to discover and they decode.

5. Mirror Secret Message Panel:

This is a fun idea which has a message laser engraved on the board in reverse. 

In order to easily read the message they will need to locate a mirror and hold the board up next to it.

These are just 5 of a myriad of possibilities when it comes to creating a spy and detective themed birthday party for your child.

If you have any questions on the puzzles, props, or customization options please do not hesitate to contact me.

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