Secret Sum - Escape Room Puzzle and Prop

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Your goal is to arrange the 3 wheels such that each column adds to the same number.  Part of the challenge is that you don’t know what that number should be. 


We designed this puzzles with Escape Rooms in mind and it is also something that many grade schools may find useful.  It may look difficult, but is actually achievable in a 5 to 10 minute time frame by a reasonably capable adult and perhaps 15+  minutes for a child 10 and up.  It meets time constraints of Escape Rooms and is something that might be done by a child with basic addition skills.   There is only 1 possible solution.

For Escape Rooms, the secret sum answer may be useful as part of a combination or clue.  Also, when solved the numbers associated with the any one column are unique and could be useful as part of a combination or clue. 

The outer disk is 10 inch diameter and the inner shaft has a 2.5 inch core, so it is very strong.  Each disk is about ¼ inch thick.  Text is all deeply laser engraved.Comes with a written solution.

Designed and made in our Hudson, FL shop.  Copyright 2016 Creative Crafthouse.