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Overflow - Escape Room Puzzle and Prop Idea

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A simple and effective way to provide your Escape Room players with a clue.This puzzle can be customized with your own idea for different symbols, numbers, letters, etc... The standard version comes with the Egyptian Hieroglyphs shown. Other options include Runes, Alchemy symbols, Sign Language, Mayan Symbols, or any other idea you may have to fit your Escape Room's theme.

You are given 3 sets of 6 blocks.  Each set consists of different wood and a different width.  The goal is to fit them into the 3 long slots of the appropriate width for each set.  However, for each slot only 5 of the 6 pieces will fit.  There will be one left over.  Your goal is to identify this piece for each row.  These 3 overflow pieces represent the solution and can be used to provide clues for the next challenge of your room. This is puzzle is not meant to keep your Escape Room players busy for a long period of time. They should be able to solve the puzzle and find the resulting code/clue quite quickly.

For instance if the symbols were letters, the 3 letters could spell out a 3 letter word.  Or if numbers, the 3 numbers could be the combination to a lock.

The set measures about 17.5” x 9”.  All text and images are deeply laser engraved. 

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