Holey Moley Jumbo Custom Escape Room Puzzle Prop

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For Escape Rooms who want a larger custom puzzle or prop look no further than the Holey Moley Jumbo. This is a much larger version of our standard Holey Moley puzzle.

The object of this Escape Room challenge is to arrange the pieces so that they are all the same height when inserted to the base. The difficulty arises when the team trying to solve it realizes each piece is a different height and each hole is a different depth.

By default this puzzles comes with each  peg (the bowling pin shaped pieces you see in the images) numbered 1 - 10. If you would like a different numeric or alpha string please make the appropriate selection from the dropdown menu and enter it in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER" box on the checkout page.

The pegs can also be done in a paddle (or candle like) shape at no extra charge.

If you would like custom symbols or images instead of numbers or letters please Contact us. You can learn more about our custom work as well by visiting the Custom Work Page.

The base is made of precision cut floorboard material. It is super strong, scratch resistant and even washable. The playing pieces are cut from MDF core maple and are quite strong.  This puzzle should hold up well to the rigors of a tough environment.

It measures about 21”L x 3.35”w x 8.5"h on the base . It will come packaged unsolved, but a written solution is included.