9 inch Pirate Themed Escape Room Cipher Wheel

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Due t' popular demand I be happy t' introduce our Pirate Themed Cipher for Escape Rooms. Ok, enough of the Pirate speak. The Pirate Cipher employs a Caeser or shift form of encryption. The main difference between a traditional Caeser Cipher and the Pirate Cipher lies in the fact instead of the encrypted message will be encrypted using pirate themed symbols instead of seemingly random letters.

Please note this is for the 9" in diameter version. The Cipher shown in the video below is the 16" version. To see the larger 16" size Cipher wheel Click Here.

The Cipher measures 9"" in diameter with each wheel cut from solid 1/4" Alder MDF and Plywood. I can of course make this in a smaller size. If you would like a different size please Contact Me.

For a review of this cipher check out Andrew's DIY Escape Room Blog.

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