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Rhombic Blocks - Great Christmas Gift For Puzzle Lovers

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A nine piece puzzle which represents every way that three rhombic blocks can be joined. There are 14 possible solutions to inserting the pieces in the hexagon shaped frame. One of these 14 however is rather unique and is your challenge goal.  This solution involves no piece of the same wood type (color) touching. Can you find it, as well as the 13 other solutions ? (one solution shown as packed).

There will be 3 contrasting woods used in each puzzle.  Woods are strong at quarter inch thick with an excellent laquer finish.  Puzzle includes base and cover.  Measures in the cover about 7 inches across the flats and 8.2 inches across the points of the hexagon.

Made in our Hudson, Florida shop.  Special thanks to Stewart Coffin for allowing us permission to make his puzzle designs.