Themed Escape Room Puzzles

At the heart of every Escape Room lies a theme. Think of a theme like a rug, it can "really tie a room together."  

The puzzles and props in your Escape Room should fit in and match the theme. This can be as basic as color scheme/material used to more complex such as technology use.  

We can customize just about every puzzle and prop. 

Working together we can modify the symbols, colors, material, text, and even design of just about every puzzle. This will ensure you your puzzle will fit perfectly in your escape room and keep your theme intact. 

For questions regarding customization please give me a call 352-777-1069 (Phil) or contact me.

The Mayan Cipher is a perfect fit for Escape Rooms. It utilizes Mayan Symbols on the rotating top wheel to...
$ 229.00
A Key Maze Made Specifically for Your Christmas Themed Escape Room 'Tis the Season to be jolly and......
16 inch Pirate Themed Escape Room Cipher Wheel Prop
$ 145.00$ 134.99
Due t' popular demand I be happy t' introduce our Pirate Themed Cipher for Escape Rooms. Ok, enough...
This Cipher Wheel in conjunction with the Confederate Army Cipher are perfect for Escape Rooms with a turn of...
$ 99.00
Merry Christmas! Christmas themed escape rooms are very popular come the Holiday season. Our Christmas themed Cipher Wheel...
For Egyptian Themed Escape Rooms who want a larger custom puzzle or prop look no further than the...
Egyptian Escape Room Puzzle Package
$ 343.95$ 330.00
For Escape Room owners looking for an interactive and entertaining idea for an Egyptian Themed Escape Room this...
An easy to incorporate room escape puzzle set featuring a cipher wheel and puzzle box. This Room Escape...
$ 55.00
$ 145.00 $ 134.99
$ 25.00
$ 343.95 $ 330.00