Christmas Themed Grilled Cipher For Escape Rooms

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Christmas themed rooms can be a great way to switch things up in your escape room and generate some buzz. This version of our Numeric Grille Cipher was designed with the Holidays in mind. At the top of the base is a small insert of Mistletoe. At the top of the Stencil is a small insert of lips. Even if players do not know the the connection between the two the visual clue should be more than enough for players to line up the stencil properly.

A classic Grille Cipher laser cut from acrylic ideal for the Escape Rooms Experience. Grille Ciphers reveals code by placing an object (stencil) with holes in it over a series of letters or in this case numbers.

The Grille Cipher actually has a rather long and interesting history which you can learn more about by visiting the Wikipedia Page.


 The above video shows the Directional Lock version of the Grille Cipher. It functions in much the same way. The difference being it employs directional arrows best used with a directional lock as opposed to numbers.


Each layer (Base and Border) is cut from 1/4" Acrylic and measures 8.25" x 8.25". The stencil is also 1/4" Acrylic with a 1/8" Baltic Birch backing for increased durability in your Escape Room. The base also comes with pre- cut .135" diameter holes in case you want to mount it to a vertical or horizontal surface.

This Grille Cipher will come with a standard Combination will be for a 4 digit combination of: 1133
This can also be customized. If you would like a custom combination please clearly indicate the FOUR number in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box at checkout. International Orders need to E-mail me their customization requests. PLEASE be sure to select "Custom Combination" from the drop down box if you want a Custom Combination. I can also increase or decrease the the size of the combination for an additional cost.