Wood Puzzle Boxes

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Our wood puzzle boxes area great way to give money and gift cards for birthdays, holidays, and graduation.


Each puzzle box comes with easy to follow instructions so you will be able to easily open the wood lock box and stash away the gift card or cash. For gifts we can personalize each with a name or brief message.


Our puzzles boxes designed to store keys, clues, challenges, and other Escape Room components.


We can provide high quality customization to reflect your Escape Room's name and theme through laser engraving. Three of our more popular trick boxes are:

Create a Christmas Themed Magnetic Puzzle Box perfect for Your Escape Room Christmas will be here before you...
A classic Puzzle Box destined for Escape Rooms. This puzzle box or "magic box" requires a precise grip...
 Puzzle Box for Escape Rooms A puzzle box which allows you customize the combination as your Escape Room...
Our new Slide Puzzle Box is perfect for hiding clues, keys, and whatever else you can think of...
A challenging puzzle box of our own design which will make a wonderful addition to your Real Life...
Hide the solution to a puzzle in your escape room right in front of the participants! They will...
$ 59.00
A unique and challenging puzzle box sure to challenge the players in your Escape Room. This Escape Room...
This Puzzles box, while similar to the Magic Box, adds a second hidden compartment. Perfect for hiding multiple...
$ 15.95
$ 149.00
$ 38.95
$ 29.00
$ 39.95
$ 18.95