Gated Round Escape Room Key Maze - a Multi Step Key Maze Puzzle

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Meet the newest edition to our Escape Room Key Maze Line up: The Gated Round Key Maze. For this Key Maze we introduced two additional "Gates" which will block off the path until opened.

The two gates provide a plethora of possibilities when deciding how best to incorporate the Key Maze in your Escape Room. If you want it to be a single step simply leaves the gates open. To increase the amount of time required you can use one or both locks. Our collection of Puzzle Boxes make for perfect compliments to the Key Maze. You could even build a 5-10 minute Mobile/Outdoor Escape Room experience with this Key Maze as the center piece.

You can order back up Key Men (the piece which holds the key and traverses the maze) just in case one decides to run away.