Gated Maze Puzzle Package for Escape Rooms

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A Ready To Go Puzzle Flow For Your Escape Room.

I have picked out a selection of puzzles which all work together for you to "plug and play" in your escape room. Through deciphering the Pig Pen Cipher and translating the Opticum players will receive the code/instructions on how to open the Secret Lock Box II and the Spin Box.

Inside each box will be a key to unlock one of the gates on the Gated Key Maze. Once each gate is unlocked the players in your escape room will be able to successfully  navigate the Key Man (the piece players navigate through the maze which holds the key) through the maze's path. What players do with the key it holds is up to you!

This Puzzle Package includes the following puzzles:

Gated Key Maze
Spin Box
Secret Lock Box II
Pig Pen Cipher
Pig Pen Key Grid