Egyptian Themed Escape Room Props

Explore Our Collection of Egyptian Themed Escape Room Puzzles and Props. 

The ancient Egypt theme lends itself well to an immersive escape room experience. The set pieces and room décor options are limitless and easily identifiable by players.

In addition many find the time period and mythology surrounding the culture of ancient Egypt extremely interesting.

This puzzle is ideal for Escape Rooms in need of a custom large puzzle or prop. with an...
$ 310.00
For Escape Room owners looking for an interactive and entertaining idea for an Egyptian Themed Escape Room this...
One of the best aspects of the Jumbo Holey Moley Escape Room puzzle and prop is that it can...
Eye of Horus Circle Key Maze for Escape Rooms - Egyptian Themed
$ 319.00$ 298.95
What is an escape room without a theme? Our Eye of Horus Round Key Maze was designed with Egyptian...
A fully customizable Jumbo sized Secret Message Panel for Escape Rooms. This is a large Escape Room Prop...
$ 319.00 $ 298.95
$ 95.00