Pirate Cipher Wheel II for Escape Rooms Cipher Wheels Creative Escape Rooms

Pirate Cipher Wheel II for Escape Rooms

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Everyone loves Pirates so it seemed only fitting to introduce a second version of our Pirate Cipher. Unlike the original this cipher employs 3 different wheels : one with letters, one with numbers, and of course one with the pirate symbols.


Cipher wheels provide an amazing amount of flexibility and customization for an escape room. You can use them to create message, deliver clue, and codes. Not only that the messages can be changed countless times through the implementation of different cipher keys.

The Cipher is available in multiple sizes ranging from 8"-16" in diameter. Each wheel is constructed from either 1/4" Alder MDF or 1/4" Baltic Birch giving it a strong rugged feel able to withstand the harsh environment of escape rooms