Alternate Language Synergy Set for Escape Rooms

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Does your Escape Room need a fresh supply of secret message props / puzzles? If so this is the perfect Synergy Set for you.

Included in this set are the Sign Language Panel Maple Version and Morse Code Panel Mahogany Version. If you would like them in a different wood or size please Contact Us.

These are both very interesting and fun ways to hide a clue or message in plain site. While some of your Escape Room participants will recognize what language is on each panel, not many will have any idea how to read it! They offer a wide array of creative possibilities to both enhance your Escape Room experience and help set it apart. In addition it has the possibility of bringing the team together around someone if they DO know how to read either sign language or morse code.

IMPORTANT: Please enter the Message/Code desired for each panel (clearly label which message goes on each panel) in the "Special Instructions for Seller Box" on the checkout page. 

If you would like to learn more about sign language and morse code check out the following articles:

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The Size of the Panels: 

Sign Language Panel - 6" x 3"
Morse Code Panel - 8" x 4"