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Set of Puzzles for an Egyptian Themed Escape Room

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For Escape Room owners looking for an interactive and entertaining idea for an Egyptian Themed Escape Room this Synergy Set is for you. The puzzles and props will come preset for easy plug and play in your Escape Room.

Included in this set:

One Pharoah's Cipher
One Jumbo Hieroglyph Secret Message Panel
Two Egyptian Themed Scramble Spins
One Secret Stash Box

Did I mention you save money with with Synergy Set?

How it works:

The Scramble Spins will provide the Cipher Key. One will have the Eye of Horus and the other the letter T. With these the Escape Room Players will know the Key to the Pharoah's Cipher. Once Aligned the Players will be able to use the Cipher to decode the message on the Jumbo Hieroglyph Secret Message Panel. The message will read (in hieroglyphs corresponding to the aligned Pharoah's Cipher) "You must spin the box". In order to open the Secret Stash Box you must spin it and then you can lift the lid off! Once open the players can retrieve they clue/key you have locked away and continue to the next part of your Escape Room.

I am able to customize the Scramble Spins and Jumbo Secret Message Panel if you want to use different hieroglyphs and/or message. Please E-mail or call 352-777-1069 (Phil)