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Christmas Themed Disk Maze Escape Room Puzzle

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Just in time for the Holidays! This version of the Disk Maze is themed for your Christmas escape room experience The players in your Escape Room must manipulate the maze until all 4 wooden disks reach the exit. On the bottom of each disk I can engrave a number/letter/symbol/short word. The number of Keys on each disk indicate the order for them to be interpreted.

You can order extra sets of disks here

This version of the Disk Maze has a lip which works as a catch for the disks once players have successfully navigated them through the maze. This version is not shown in the video below, please see the product pictures.


Important: This will come with FOUR discs by default. Enter in what you want on each disk (and the order of) in the Special Instructions for Seller" box on the checkout page. IF you would like more/less than FOUR disks and/or custom symbols on them please Contact Me.

Measures 11" (plus the lip to catch the disks) in diameter and about 1.5" thick

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