Compass Style Directional Combo Lock Escape Room Puzzle

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Directional Locks can make for a fun addition to escape rooms, but how do you clue players in in the code. Here is an escape room puzzle created specifically to solve that problem.

The Compass Style Directional Lock Combo Puzzle works just like the traditional style. The pieces are also interchangeable between the two styles.

You can order extra sets of puzzle pieces here

The dimensions of this puzzle are 14.75" x 14.75". 

Important: By default this puzzle will come with the combination of - UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT. If you want a different combination please make the appropriate selection from the dropdown menu and leave your combination in the "Special Instructions For Seller" box at checkout.

If you find players in your Escape Room are especially enthusiastic I suggest checking out our Acrylic Version of the Compass Directional Lock Puzzle.