Magnet Maze XL Escape Room Prop

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An All New All BIGGER Magnet Maze Prop for Your Escape Room!

The Magnet Maze XL is the perfect prop for escape rooms owners looking for something a bit larger, especially when used in conjunction with the bridge (more on that later). The object of the maze is to navigate the the circular piece through the maze path. Along the path are three blacks which players must proceed through to eventual free the piece and reveal the code/message/symbols engraved on the bottom.

The magnet maze be mounted to a horizontal or vertical surface as the outer screw holes go all the way through the base of the maze. This allows for easy mounting to ensure the maze is secure.

The props dimensions are 30" x 14" x ~1"

By combining the Magnet Maze XL with Bridges(s) and additional Magnet Maze XLs or Magnet Maze Jrs you can create a giant maze spanning a wall or large table. You can also purchase all three together in the Magnet Maze Connector Kit.

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