Escape Room Key Maze Made From Black And White Acrylic

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The Key Maze for any Escape Room. The black and white color scheme allows this key maze to fit in most any room. Escape Room participants must navigate the maze in order to free the key. This is for a standard Black and White model of our popular Acrylic Key Maze

*If you are interested in different color combinations such as that shown in the video please check out our other Key Maze puzzle listing here.

If you would like to order extra/replacement Key Ring piece(s) please visit this page.

This puzzle will trap a key or any object  that can be inserted on a wire key chain (such as a ring).  To retrieve the key you must solve the maze and guide the rod along the correct path to the Finish hole.  This was designed with Escape Rooms in mind.

Measures about 23” x 17. Can be laid on a table, or there are holes in the 4 corners if you want to wall mount.

To reset the rod and key assembly back to the starting point, we have devised a clever system that can be accomplish almost instantly if you have the correct tool.  We don’t show how to do that here so that it remains a secret to the people that have to navigate the maze.  Upon purchase we will send you the solution to the start lock.

For additional information on customizing your Escape Room and this item please visit our Custom Work Page.

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