Four Point Marble Maze for Escape Rooms

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Escape room players just might go mad (in a good way) as they navigate the marble through the maze to unlock the four drawers.

A creation of our CNC head Robert Justiana the Four Point Marble Maze offers incredible versatility for escape rooms. In order to open the four drawers found at each corner players must navigate the metal marble via a magnet playing piece through the maze. Each drawer will be unlocked once the marble is moved between the two red markers. 

What makes the maze so special is the number of ways it can be utilized. It makes for a fantastic centerpiece of a mobile/pop-up room not to mention the myriad of ways it can be used in a traditional room. With four drawers available you can get extremely creative how to incorporate the maze in your escape room.

The base of the maze measures ~21" x 21" with the maze itself coming in ~17.25" x 17.25". The four drawers are identical with a depth of ~.6". As you can see in the pictures they are in a triangular shape. The widest point is ~4.25" tapering down to ~.5".