Escape Room Cipher Wheels

Cipher wheels allow you to create encrypted messages for players in your escape room. 

Cipher disks are one of the most versatile escape room props you will ever find. 

Through the use of cipher wheels and a corresponding cipher key you can create messages encoded in any manner of ways. 

    If you want a custom cipher wheel we can make design and create it for you.

    Possible options for customization include:

    • Different number of wheels
    • Different language(s)
    • Different symbols/images
    • Use of numbers
    • Mixed alphabet/numbers on a wheel
    • Different image and/or text for the top of the cipher

    Please do not hesitate to Contact Me about creating a custom cipher wheel for you.

    Relaying information to players in your Escape Rooms is paramount to success. While the Sign Language Cipher Wheel may...
    An authentic reproduction of the cipher used by US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) during the Vietnam War...
    Add something unique to your Escape Room experience. The Alberti Cipher Disk is the first example of a true “polyalphabetic” cipher...
    Hide and Seek Cipher for Escape Rooms
    $ 99.00$ 89.00
    It is a cipher, but with a fun little twist. This cipher wheel actually consists of two parts:...
    A Convenient Hand Sized Version of our Spartan Escape Room Cipher The Spartan Cipher incorporates the Ancient Greek alphabet...
    The Mini Alchemy Cipher is ideally suited for those looking to create and Escape Room for a Birthday...
    Everyone loves Pirates so it seemed only fitting to introduce a second version of our Pirate Cipher. Unlike...
    Cipher Wheel utilizing Mayan Symbols to encode a message in your Escape Room Sometimes you are looking for a...
    $ 28.00
    $ 99.00 $ 89.00
    $ 75.00