Hide and Seek Cipher for Escape Rooms

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It is a cipher, but with a fun little twist. This cipher wheel actually consists of two parts: The Base & the Top Wheel which must be place on said base in order for it to function. This combination allows for a lot of interesting applications when used in an escape room. 

The base of the cipher can be mounted to a horizontal or vertical surface with the top wheel place of hidden somewhere else in your escape room. As the name suggests players must seek out the top wheel in order to complete the cipher and decrypt the code message you have prepared for them.   


The base measures 10" in diameter with the top wheel measuring 7.752". Both are laser cut from 1/4" MDF (alder - the darker and plywood - the lighter wood).

As with most things you find here I can customize this cipher in various ways. For example: If you want a set of symbols to replace the numbers or text/image on the top cap. I can also make this up to 16" in diameter.

Please note I can make any of our Cipher Wheels in the Hide and Seek format so long as the requested diameter is between 8" and 16" in diameter

If you are interesting in customizing the Hide and Seek Cipher please contact me via E-mail: CreativeEscapeRooms@Gmail.com or Phone: 352-777-1069