Egyptian Themed Escape Room Puzzles and Props

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Egyptian Themed Escape Room Puzzles and Props

Upon popular request I have developed a serious of Escape Room Puzzles and Props with an Egyptian theme. All available for purchase online right here! Escape Rooms based on various aspects of Ancient Egypt are very popular and for good reason. There is plenty of fertile soil for involved stories and creative design elements.

Below you will find variations of our Escape Room Puzzles and Props customized with Ancient Egypt in mind. I can also custom every other puzzle you find here at Creative Escape Rooms to fit this theme.


egyptian themed escape roomEgyptian Themed - Holy Moley Jumbo


egyptian cipher wheel escape room prop
Pharaoh's Cipher

egptyian escape room puzzle prop
Jumbo Secret Message Panel

buy ancient egypt escape room prop puzzle
Pharaoh's Cipher Wheel and Key Combo


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