Shut the Box II - A Wood Vertical Version of the Escape Room Puzzle

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A puzzle with numerous uses. Shut the Box will open up doors on possible puzzle flows and ideas in your escape room.

With the combination of numbers and colors clever Escape Room owner's will likely be overflowing with ideas on how to implement this classic game into their Escape Room.


*The above video shows the acrylic version. This version functions in the same manner with one key difference: The sliders are aligned so the puzzle stand vertically as opposed to horizontally.

This is a vertical version made from wood as opposed to our Acrylic Shut Box

Traditionally a Math game which doubles as a wonderful learning or fun gambling game, this just may have some real Escape Room applications. In fact, this came to be as the result of a Facebook post in one of the Escape Room Groups!

Our Mini version measures 11" x 4" x 3/4" thick.