Pig Pen Cipher Secret Message Panel Escape Room Prop

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Ever wanted to add a custom secret message to your Escape Room, but had no idea how? The Pig Pen Cipher Secret Message Panel will enable you to create endless encoded messages tailored to your unique Escape Room Experience.

The Panel contains Four rows of Eleven characters each. Covering the message is a clear sheet of acrylic which can be removed via a screw driver. This will allow you access to change the message, but stop Escape Room players from fiddling with it. 

This is a cipher intended primarily for escape rooms where the challenge is to decipher a provided message, but it may also have some fun home or business applications.

You are provided with a large base (22” x 7”) and set of wood laser engraved blocks.  The symbols on each block represent a letter of the alphabet.   We can set these up ahead of time to read the message of your choice or will provide you with the board and 44 blocks for you to establish your own message. The message can be reset within the limitations of the letters you have available to work with, but each symbol can generally represent multiple letters depending on how it is rotated so nearly any message could be created or you can change them over time.  There will be an acrylic cover held in place by 4 screws which will secure the letter blocks in place such that the cipher could be wall mounted if you chose or of course sit flat on a table.

The pigpen cipher, also known as the masonic cipher, Freemason's cipher, or tic-tac-toe cipher is a geometric simple substitution cipher which exchanges letters for symbols which are fragments of a grid.   The coding grid key provided was used to define the letters for our cipher.  Please watch video for details.  You could create your own key grids at your option to result in different assignment of the letters.

A kit of 44 wood laser engraved letters will be included with your standard cipher:

7 of the tile which can make any of letters A, C, G, I
6 of the tile which can make any of letters M, Q, O, K
6 of the tile which can make any of letters B, D, H, F
4 of the tile which can make the letter E
6 of the tile which can make any of letters J, L, P, R
3 of the tile which can make the letter N
7 of the tile which can make any of letters S, T, U, V
5 of the tile which can make any of letters W, X, Y, Z

You can create thus your own messages using the blocks provided, or we can custom make a message of your choosing using any text up to 44 spaces.

Pig Pen Ciphers are not overly complicated and rely on a grid system to encode a message. Please check out my How to Use/Read the Pig Pen Cipher in Escape Rooms article for detailed information (and Pictures!)