Generating Additional Revenue For Your Escape Room

For those looking to add an additional revenue stream to their escape room or business we have a wholesale puzzle program available. This is a fantastic opportunity to easily add to your existing revenue or stream (or perhaps create a brand new one). Escape Rooms go hand in hand with puzzles so why not offer them for sale in your lobby or on your website? In addition leaving some out for players to try and solve while waiting for their game is a great way to keep them not only occupied, but entertained.

In additional to the puzzles found in the Lobby Puzzles section of the site we offer 100's more over at . (note:escape room puzzles such as key mazes, puzzle boxes, etc... are not available wholesale) Going through our entire catalog can be daunting so do not hesitate in reaching out. Dave (my Dad) heads up the wholesale said of the puzzles and can be reached at He loves talking about puzzles and has been doing this for near 20 years. Any question you have he should be able to answer in addition to recommending puzzles best suited for what you have in mind and our overall best sellers.

A few of our more popular puzzles I highly suggest carrying in your escape room lobby or business:

Safecracker 40
Cracked Egg
Martin's Menace
Five Fit
Snake Puzzle
Twist and Shout
Penny Drop

If for any reason you have difficulties reaching Dave please contact me at


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