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Stargazer Puzzle Box - Magnetic Puzzle Box for Escape Rooms

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I have been asked regularly lately to come up with a design for a large puzzle box. You don't see many and if you find one they tend to be very expensive.  Escape Rooms as well as people giving larger gifts often have a need for a large box that is fun and also reasonably priced.   This is one that I think fits that bill very nicely:)  It is our own copyrighted design (as is true with many of our puzzle boxes).

The external box measures about 10” x 5” x 5”.  It is made from floorboard material so it quite rugged as well as scratch resistant and water resistant.  It is easily cleaned.

There are 3 dials on top that have astrology symbols lasered on them as well as some interesting designs on the box lasered on both ends.  Can you figure out how to open?  Note, no force is required.

The first secret is in the dials.  Two of them don’t do anything except spin… but one of them when positioned correctly will lift off the box.  Embedded within this dial is a powerful magnet.  However, you don’t see that as there is a cover over the magnet.

Now… what to do……   It turns out that if this dial is placed in a secret position on the box it will release an internal latch and allow the lid to slide off.   Great fun!  Watch the video here or on Youtube to see the details.

The internal portion of the box has a felt lining on the bottom and there are 2 chambers.  The larger one measures about  7.5” x 5.5” x 3 ¾” so this would be the max size object you could place inside the box.

Note this box could be custom laser engraved with a name or message or logo at modest extra cost.  Please contact me separately for that.

Made here in our Hudson, Florida shop. Copyright 2016 Creative