Doomsday Algorithm for Escape Rooms - Day of the Week Calculator

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The Doomsday Algorithm is really damn cool and in the hands of a creative escape room owner a unique prop.

With this device you can discover what day of the week it was or will be for any date between 1901 and 2099. Just think of the possible applications for this prop in an escape room.

A date can be in the room somewhere, with this that date can be translated in to a day of the week which then reveals a clue/solves a puzzle/who knows what?! Another, more complex application of the Doomsday Algorithm is turning it into a cipher.

Somewhere in the room you can have a key which translates the days of the week into letters. By providing players with dates they can find the correlating day of the week which in turn equals a letter (or number) determined by you. Once the players discover all of the days they can use your key to translate them in to a word and/or number set.

A bit of background on the Doomsday Algorithm:

John Conway, UK mathematician, in 1973 developed a technique where a bright person with a little practice can within seconds determine the day of the week for any given date.  You can read more about this by doing a search on “Doomsday day of the week “ on internet or Youtube.  It’s a fascinating topic.

This device takes those math concepts and converts them to a physical device that anyone can use. 

It is a high quality item 5.8” in diameter made from top grade maple veneer MDF for strength and beauty.  The top disk is alder.  All lines are precision laser engraved and it turns on a ½” center dowel.  It should last a lifetime.

The complete instructions on how to use it are lasered on the back, so you don’t have to worry about losing the instructions. This is also helpful in an escape room as they will just have to flip it over and be able to understand how it is used.