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Braille Cipher - Escape Room Puzzle and Prop

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The braille Cipher is an extremely unique addition to your Escape Room.

Developed with the aid of encryption expert  Mic Healey ( and supported blind users, this cipher is a fully functional encryption device capable of securely encoding any message.  It uses raised Braille dots for the letters. The characters are precisely raised by lasering etching away the surrounding wood.

The inner wheel has the alphabet clockwise.  The outer wheel has the alphabet counterclockwise.  As is consistent with the original Braille alphabet, the letter “W” is at the end, following Z.  This was because Braille was originally a French invention and “W” was little used in that language at the time Braille was created.  The “W” was added later and placed at the end.

A detailed introduction to Braille and instructions on how to use the cipher to encode and decode messages are included. It was written by Mr. Healey.  Additionally we recommend that you view the video below for a brief tutorial. At this time the instructions are only available in English text (not braille).

Operation of the disk and encoding technique is essentially the same as classic  wheel ciphers like The Alberti Cipher or the Confederate Army Cipher.

The disks may also be useful as a teaching aide in learning Braille.

It is possible for us to laser engrave a name or message on the back of the cipher as an option.  You can select that below if you’d like.

The cipher measures 6.25” in diameter.