Puzzles And Games to Enjoy at Home

Enjoy puzzles at home. Check out our selection of brain teasers sure to exercise your mind.


We have wood brainteasers for all ages and difficulty levels.


Puzzles can provide hours of enjoyment and exercise your mind at the same time. Brain Teasers assist in the development of cognitive abilities in children while helping older individuals retain their mental capabilities.


You can personalize any of our brain teasers with a laser engraved name, message, or company logo. 

  • Perfect if you plan on giving the puzzle as a birthday, graduation, or holiday gift
  • Adding your logo or business name to a puzzle is an effective way to promote your business
  • Great for corporate events and gifts for business partners, clients, and employees


Safecracker 50 Wood Puzzle - Difficult Math Brain Teaser
$ 29.75$ 27.75
This is a 2 tone version of our Safecracker 50 Math Puzzle that alternates maple and cherry for the...
Shut the Box is the perfect game for any bat or Escape Room. It is a very easy...
$ 21.00
Martin's Menace is one of the all time puzzles in terms of a deceptive level of difficulty. This...
This is like a Rubik's cube in a way, as you must turn the inner cylinders to align...
$ 24.00
A math puzzle which will certainly supply entertainment for players waiting for their Escape Room to be ready....
$ 12.00
The Cruiser is THE puzzle for Escape Room waiting rooms. It is seems oh so easy. Just make...
The Soma Cube is perhaps one of the most famous puzzles of all time. Why wouldn't you want...
A classic sliding puzzle where object is to move the Goat back into the cage. A fun item...
$ 29.75 $ 27.75
$ 32.00
$ 24.00
$ 12.00