Sign Language Escape Room Panel Encode Messages in Sign Language

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This can be a really fun item / prop to put in your Escape Room for several reasons.

First, almost all of your escape room participants will recognize the sign language engraved on this prop, but how many will know how to read it? This is where you can get extremely creative in divulging the key to interpreting the signs.

One option is to lock the Key holding what each symbol means in a puzzle box. Another option is to leave clues spread throughout the room. Perhaps a book open with certain letters highlighted? An important note to keep in mind, you can use numbers! Tying back to the puzzle box concept this sign could actually hold the combination to one.

We will provide double sided tape along with the Sign Language Panel so you can easily hand it on a wall or other surface in your Escape Room

Standard Size: 8" x 4"

1/4" Thick

This is available in several different woods (see the image to the left) please make the appropriate selection for the dropdown box. The default option and wood shown in the pictures is Maple.

IMPORTANT: Please enter the Message/Code desired in the "Special Instructions for Seller Box" on the checkout page.

For additional information on customizing your Escape Room and this item please visit our Custom Work Page.

You can also Contact us with your questions, we love questions!

Included with your order will be a printable file of the below image which shows what each symbol means. This can be used as your "key" to deciphering the message. If you would like this engraved on wood to place in a puzzle box of other part of your Escape Room please contact me .

If you would like to learn more about sign language and how to implement it into your Escape Room check out this article: How to Read and Use Sign Language in Your Escape Room


Sign Language Key Prop for Escape Rooms