Directional Lock Combo Puzzle for Escape Rooms

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A clever puzzle for your Escape Room specifically designed to work in conjunction with Directional Locks. With this prop you will be able to present the combination to the Directional Lock in a very unique way.

The inspiration for this puzzle came from the wonderful Alissa over at

Dimensions for the frame are 17.75" x 5" and is constructed from rugged floorboard material. The 8 puzzle pieces are cut from 1/4" thick Alder wood and backed with and additional 1/8" back.

If you find players in your escape room(s) are especially "enthusiastic" I highly suggest checking out the Directional Lock II and Acrylic Directional Lock. The frames are upgraded on each of those versions.

Important: By default this puzzle will come with the combination of - UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT. If you want a different combination please make the appropriate selection from the dropdown menu and leave your combination in the "Special Instructions For Seller" box at checkout.