Best Prime Day 2020 Deals on Puzzles From Creative Escape Rooms

Why should Amazon have all the fun? Creative Escape Rooms will be hosting Prime Day Deals of our own on all of our wood puzzles, brain teasers, games, and props.


October 13th and October 14th we will host our first ever Prime Puzzle Day.


Deals will be rolling throughout both days on


Almost every puzzle can be personalized with a name or message.


For easier navigation of our site wide specials and sales see  the links directly to our more popular categories below or Shop Now

  • Puzzle Boxes 
    • Will hold gift cards, money, jewelry, keys, clues, trinkets
    • Various difficulty levels for both younger kids and adults
    • Different sizes to hold smaller or larger items
  • Escape Rooms Puzzles
    • Allow players to physically solve puzzles
    • Solving puzzles provides and sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue through your escape room
    • Can be customized with different codes, messages, text, and symbols
  • Wood Puzzle and Brain Teasers 
    • Great gifts
    • Fun for all ages
    • Difficult puzzles for adults
    • Perfect for escape room lobbies
    • Test how skilled of a puzzler you or friends and family are
  • Cipher Wheels and Enigma Machines
    • Fantastic for encoding messages in escape rooms
    • Fun way to send messages between friends and family members
    • Some of have historical significance and experienced real world use in various wars
  • Montessori Puzzles and Toys
    • Perfect for both homeschool and classroom education
    • Provide tactile learning assisting in multiple areas of development in younger children
      • Problem Solving
      • Reading
      • Spatial Awareness
      • Math

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