Mechanical Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Shop our collection of popular wooden mechanical puzzles and brain teasers.

We have a wonderful selection of mechanical puzzles for all ages and can personalize each one with a laser engraved name.

Martin's Menace is one of the most difficult puzzles around no matter your experience level or age Seriously,...
$ 12.95
The Cruiser is THE puzzle for Escape Room waiting rooms. It is seems oh so easy. Just make...
The Mexican Army Cipher Wheel will add a challenging historic element to your Escape Room. It can also be...
Martins Menace LARGE - Very Difficult Puzzle for Adults
$ 22.95$ 21.95
Martin's Menace is one of the all time puzzles in terms of a deceptive level of difficulty. This...
A classic sliding puzzle where object is to move the Goat back into the cage. A fun item...
Century Cube Puzzle - One of Our Most Difficult Brain Teasers
The Century Cube is an incredibly difficult puzzle for adults and teens alike. If you are looking for...
$ 20.00
If you are looking for a more difficult puzzle for your Escape Room players to try while in...
Ideal for Escape Rooms with a Civil War, turn of the century, or War theme. This Cipher Wheel...
$ 13.95 $ 14.95
$ 12.95
$ 35.00
$ 22.95 $ 21.95
$ 19.95
$ 20.00
$ 23.00